Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lake Erie, eastward


toron said...

this makes me sad for some reason

Seeing Anew said...

I know what you mean...sometimes I have trouble distinguishing between a feeling of deep peace and sadness -- both are such quiet and still feelings. I often feel that way when sitting on a beach and looking out over the large expanse of water with the sun or moon sparkling on it. What is it that makes us feel that way? Our smallness and insignifance in such a magnificent universe? Or is it that soon the magic moment on the beach will be over, and we'll have to return to work and humdrum ordinary life? You live near the ocean, I notice, Criosdan. Seeing it every day as I imagine you might, does it still take your breath away to sit on the beach and gaze out over the ocean? Thank you for your comment -- it is food for thought.