Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tiger swallowtail on the purple coneheads. Today I have a question for my visitors, inspired by Rock's "Up With the Birds" photo posted today ( He almost has me convinced to get up early, if the morning is going to be as beautiful as shown in his gulls photo today. This butterfly shot of mine was taken here at high noon. In any case: My question for you: Do you have a special time of day that you think is best for taking photos?


Leigh said...

There are two times of day I like to take photographs. I really liked sunset for a long time, but just recently I've been getting up at dawn, and it's really a nice time of day to take photos.

This one is a gorgeous shot - I love the wings on the butterfly and the colour of the flowers.

Rock said...

Now I know what a purple conehead is!

Thanks for the plug and link!

My favorite time to shoot is late at night when very few people are about, and those who are out are likely to provide a good story and photograph. I find that late nighters tend to have more time on their hands to sit and talk.

I think the best time for great shots is early morning when the sun just rises over the horizon.