Monday, October 03, 2005

Light on Water. Take a look at Ian's Dancing Reflection to see an excellent treatment of this same subject.


ian said...

Thank you for the plug Judy.

Nice high angle you have obtained for this shot - a cliff or something?

Kim said...

I always love the look of light on water. I spend a lot of time by Lake Michigan, it is very tranquil. I'm glad to hear you made it this way for a visit, I'm fairly close to Pentwater. Great little town. Nice shot!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Yes, how did you manage such a high angle? This is fantastic!!! I just adore the look of light playing on the water like that. :)

jlbussey said...

My favorite subject, water. Nice composition and color.

Seeing Anew said...

Oh dear... I wasn't high up at all. In fact I may have been standing in the water, aiming straight down just beyond my feet. All of your comments have really made me see something I've never seen before regarding photography: how much each of us brings to each of our shots -- the place, the 360 degree landscape beyond the edges of the photo you see, the sounds in the air, the smells, the mood of the weather, etc. We probably never experience our photos at all the way a first-time viewer sees them. If I had to shoot this over again, I probably would have caught something in the foreground (seaweed, my foot even?) and taken this on a lower angle, to give some clue as to how close you are to the subject.

Thanks so much for your comments... looking again at the photo, I can see it too the way some of you did -- as a glimpse of a beach far below. That's an interesting thought -- how it looks the same up close as far away. There aren't many things like that, are there... Is it something to do with fractals?