Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chapel in Hudson, Ohio. Hudson lies in what is known as the Western Reserve. There is a marked New England feel to this band of land in northeastern Ohio, which used to belong to Connecticut. After the Revolutionary War, many people whose homes had been destroyed by fire, relocated to the Western Reserve. You know you are in the Western Reserve, when you start seeing town squares, town clocks, white churches with tall steeples, and covered bridges. Even the weather contributes to the New England feel, as this area also lies in the Snow Belt. It's not unusual to get 12" of snow during a winter storm. Posted by Picasa

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susan said...

Beautiful shot of the church, all white and black, the snow really sets it off. Maybe this one would be a good shot to see in the Spring, that tree looks like it might have some blooms on it at some point? Thanks for sharing!