Friday, March 23, 2007

Marge at 2 weeks of age. My friend, chaplain for a hospice in northeast Ohio, recently became the loving owner of, Lady, a gentle, delightful mixed breed dog that had belonged to one of her patients. As it turned out, Lady was "expecting", and a couple weeks ago, she gave birth to TEN little Rottweiler mix puppies. For photos of Marge's nine brothers and sisters, and a video of the squealing and squirming pups, go to I've just had word that the puppies have opened their eyes, so I'll be taking some more photos soon. Anybody want a puppy??
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wcs said...

This one's beautiful. I'd love to help you out, but a)I'm in France, and b)I just got a new puppy myself !

Good luck !

Kerri said...

I don't think our 13 cats (12 in the barn) would take kindly to a rottweiler mix, or any dog for that matter :) I hope they find homes. They're simply gorgeous!