Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Signs of Spring a few weeks ago - winter is having trouble releasing its grip on us this week, it seems
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susan said...

What a great collage! Your hidden talents just keep emerging! Love the carving on the tree in your last post, I suppose you did that too? (just kidding) Great photos as always.

Hope you have a great day.

garyx said...

Excellent collage - love all the colour.

Kerri said...

You've taken some wonderful photos! How lovely to see all these signs of spring. Is that red bird a tanager? I've only seen them once...last year in Ithaca while visiting the girls.
Isn't it wonderful to feel the temps warming up at last?
We have clouds here today and will probably get more rain.

Char said...

Haven't checked out your site in a while. You have some great new photos and I 'specially like this collage. Char