Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Champagne Raspberries

Posted by Picasa Champagne raspberries - I wish I could send you a taste!


llandudnopictures said...

Are they still to ripen or will they remain that pale colour? So far our raspberry plant has provided a grand total of four berries this year.

Seeing Anew said...

Yes, those champagne raspberries were fully ripe in the picture. It's funny--as you're picking them--you are less tempted to "pick one, eat one" than you would be if they were red raspberries, so you can get quite a full bucket! They just don't look ripe. But they are delicious, and they were very prolific this year. My friend is getting at least one quart a day now. Sorry to hear about your uncooperative raspberry bush this year--I hope the four berries it managed to produce were Grade AAA! Hmmm...who ever decided to put a "p" in raspberries, I wonder? Hard word to type!