Saturday, December 22, 2012

Middle Earth

My students and I finished reading The Hobbit just in time for the opening of the movie. One of our projects was to make a map of Middle Earth together, so we could trace Bilbo's travels.  We made our 3D Relief map using bright white drywall joint compound on a 24" x 36" canvas panel.  We painted it with watercolor to show elevation.  I then photographed it and added map labels using a graphics program.  The students had fun moving small clay figurines I made around the map to re-tell the story.

If you're a Hobbit fan, can you tell what is happening in the scenes below?  Highlight the "white on white" text to the right of each number to check your answer.

1 Gandalf and Thorin and company set off from Hobbiton and go on an adventure.
2  The company encounters some hungry trolls and Bilbo comes to their rescue.

3  The company reaches Rivendell and seeks counsel from Elrond the Elf

4 Bilbo meets Gollum in the mountain of the Elven King

5 The company travels through Mirkwood and comes across spiders

6 Bilbo explores the Lonely Mountain and finds Smaug and the treasure

7 Bard shoots an arrow at Smaug during Smaug's attack of Laketown

8 The Battle of the Five Armies

9 The Goblin King kills Thorin, and Beorn kills the Goblin King

10 Gandalf and Bilbo return home to Hobbiton

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