Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'll meet you for a swim!

I've been learning German lately, and I'm finally able to correspond a little with a penpal in Germany.  During a recent Skype, we discovered that we also share an interest in swimming. We were both lamenting the fact that we didn't live closer, since neither of us knows anyone local that likes to go swimming.  At one point, Beate said something like, "Vielleicht können wir auf halbem Weg treffen!" (Maybe we can meet half way!)  So I painted her a watercolor postcard with my concept of what that meeting (somewhere in the Atlantic between Spain and Maine?) might look like. Yesterday, I got an email back from her saying that she just got the postcard, and I've learned a new German idiom: Ich lache mich tot!  (Literally, I am laughing myself dead!)


llandudnopictures said...

Great image and conversation!

Steve Finnell said...

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llandudnopictures said...

Merry Christmas, Judy!