Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Live Dunes. That's blowing sand you see on top. Conditions were a bit difficult to shoot photos in as the sand was blowing everywhere -- I have an earful of sand to prove it! We were told the live dunes actually move with the wind. The "dead dunes" oddly enough are the stationary ones -- the ones with plants growing on them to anchor them.


joe_ob said...

I like this. Amazing that we can see the sand being blown at such a distanc.

Rock said...

An ear full of sand? Doesn't "sound" like much fun :)

Sand can really destroy camera equipment - I know from sad experience.

It is reallly interesting to see the sand blowing at the top of the dune.

Seeing Anew said...

Yes, I'm a little worried what it may have done to my telephoto lens even though I tried to turn so that the sand hit me and not the lens. The sand made for odd lighting -- kind of like storm lighting. It looks stormy in the photo, but was actually a clear day, except for the sand in the air. Dune View, with its blue skies, was taken the same day, but away from the worst of the blowing sand.