Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tritts Mill. Was a flour mill in 1836, then Higy cider mill for many years, all powered by water. You can see the remnants of the water wheel behind the tree. There is a dam on the Tuscarawas River to form Tritts Millpond, and some of the water (visible below building) was channeled off the pond to power the wheel. I hope somebody buys and restores this nice old mill. I'd like to see a waterwheel working there again someday.


Anonymous said...

As the current owner of the Tritts Mill, I would like you to know that we have been working for the last 2 1/2 years to restore this historical building.Most of our time and investment has been on the inside of the building to make the building uasable again. Restoration is a long and expensive project which was compounded by a severe injury that I sustained during this period of time. Take another ride by the building in March and you will see the work that has taken place outside. You are welcome to stop by and see the interior on any weekend that I am working.

Brad Hill

Seeing Anew said...

Brad, thank you for sharing this good news. I remember thinking the mill had such a wonderful character, and an interesting history. Plus it was situated on a beautiful site on the river. I haven't been up that way in a long while, but now we have good reason to take another trip up that way. Thanks for leaving a message here. I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you by email, but the commenting system here doesn't provide email backlinks. I do not know much about restoring old buildings, but I can well imagine how time-consuming and expensive it must be. When I was there, I wondered if old mills like that can be restored and adapted to being a restaurant or even country inn, or if their structure doesn't allow for much departure from their original purpose -- a cider mill, or perhaps a store. I think there is an old cider mill in Zoar that is now a gift shop. In any case, a speedy recovery to you, and best of luck with the restoration!

Jim said...

I am SO happy that you can see some photos of the Mill online! Hill Mill, Tritt's Mill, Higy Hardware...

Once owned by my family, used as Hardware, Feed, Flower Sales, and of course Cider Mill... The Family decided to liquidate and sell when the Cider Press would not pass inspection, the cost to repair being high; and the Hill Family purchased the Property. The way I learned our story growing up, was that Great Grandpa Lee (Leopold) Higy Purchased, Grandpa Richard then ran it (and G. G. Pa worked it until his 90's -which I recall both working it). And my parents, as well as Aunt and Uncle Charles and Anita all worked and then later owned and operated the facilities.

Our Family Owned the House and Property across from the Mill, which consisted of a home, an add on home w/garage, a garage/barn storage (I can recall being in it, but not it's real purpose)... But that we owned part of this stream/river on this part of the land... and we also owned the dam and or part of what appeared to be a small lake/pond... what I now know to be the river... and we owned the Red Brick House on the back sine of the Mill and Pond/

I remember vividly the Cider Operations, and the Wheel to the Mill, not it's workings per say but that it was there and visible. Oh the visual pictures and the smells.

I would love to not only see recent pictures inside and out, but also hope to visit again some day, as I have not been there in YEARS!

-Jim F. Higy

Seeing Anew said...

Jim, what a delight to read more about the history of Tritts Mill - Higy Hardware - Hill Mill. I haven't been up there in a while. Now that the weather's nice, I should take a ride up and see how the reconstruction is coming along. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.