Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Morning

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garyx said...

Is that the rumble of spring traffic I can hear in the bacground? Great idea to accompany the picture with sounds like that.

Seeing Anew said...

Hmmm you're right, Garyx. There is a sound of wind or something (I wasn't on a road, but it did seem to be directional) "behind" the bird sounds. The audio is from some video clips I took with my Canon A95. I'm curious whether this works, and what other viewers experiences are with the audio for this photo. I find that putting audio on a web page may look and sound fine on my platform (Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Quicktime, and a 512 MB cable modem connection), but for someone else, it can fail completely or won't play with the same quality for others (e.g., someone on Mac, using Safari, on a dial up connection.) I'd be interested in knowing if visitors can hear the bird song clearly?

jlbussey said...

That's it... now I'm going to have to head for the woods tomorrow. See? I need these little kicks in the butt to get me motivated, otherwise, I might have just slept in or something useless like that!